Security Supervisor and Retired Staff jobs in Karachi Pakistan 2023


In the bustling metropolis of Karachi, Pakistan, the roles of Security Supervisors and retired staff in 2023 Classifieds hold paramount significance in ensuring the safety and stability of the city. These positions stand as pillars of security within various sectors, addressing the growing concerns and challenges prevalent in this vibrant urban landscape.

Karachi, being one of Pakistan’s largest and most diverse cities, faces a multitude of security-related issues. The need for competent and experienced Security Supervisors is critical to oversee and manage security operations efficiently across various establishments and communities.

Brief History:

The history of Security Supervisor roles traces back to Karachi’s growing urbanization and the subsequent rise in security concerns. With the city’s expansion into a bustling metropolis, the need for organized security measures became evident. Over time, Security Supervisors emerged as key figures responsible for overseeing security protocols, managing personnel, and ensuring safety within various establishments and communities. Their roles evolved in response to the ever-changing security landscape, adapting to new challenges, technological advancements, and the increasing complexities of urban life.


Security Supervisor roles in Karachi encompass pivotal responsibilities. These individuals are entrusted with ensuring the implementation of robust safety measures across diverse settings, ranging from commercial establishments to residential complexes. Their duties extend to supervising security personnel, conducting regular security checks, and orchestrating efficient responses during emergencies to maintain a secure environment.

Required qualifications often include experience in security-related fields, specialized training, certifications in security management, and strong communication skills.The demand for skilled Security Supervisors continues to surge in various sectors, reflecting the city’s need for adept professionals capable of navigating complex security challenges.

Job Title Security Supervisor and Retired Staff Positions
Date Posted 14 November, 2023
Category / Sector Classifieds
Newspaper Dunya Jobs
Education Middle, Matric, Intermediate
Vacancy Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Organization Private
Job Industry Management Jobs
Job Type Full Time
Job Experience 2 Years
Expected Last Date 14 December, 2023 or as per the paper ad
Application Method Apply Online – Upload CV to ApplyOnline
Number of Applicants Among the first 25 applicants


To apply for the Security Supervisor and Retired Staff positions advertised, interested candidates should carefully review the eligibility criteria and ensure that they meet the required qualifications and experience. Prepare a comprehensive CV or resume detailing educational qualifications, work experience, and any certifications relevant to the job. Compile necessary documents such as educational certificates and experience letters. Follow the application instructions provided in the advertisement, which may involve applying online by uploading your CV or submitting application forms through the specified channels. Pay attention to the application deadline, ensuring all required documents are submitted before the mentioned closing date. For any further information or inquiries regarding the application process, contact the organization directly using the provided contact details in the advertisement.

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